Interior Canals

Solutions for Infrastructure Needs

Panther Island introduces sustainable, ecological, engineered solutions for infrastructure needs. As part of the goal to create a model neighborhood for sustainable development, an innovative storm water management system is being implemented. A series of canals will manage the stormwater needs through the mixed-use community replacing conventional underground conveyance systems that use gutter and pipe. In addition to their inherent storm water relief function, the canals will also provide a continuous public boardwalk, giving the community a place to live, work, dine, shop and play along the water’s edge.

The Urban Waterfront Experience

The urban waterfront experience created by the canals makes Panther Islandunique to other mixed use development opportunities. Features such as landscaping, public plazas, balconies, walkways and public art will create vibrant public spaces that will attract residents and visitors, providing for a desirable place for inner city redevelopment. Consistent with the goal to implement best practices for smart growth and sustainability, the Panther Island Project will work with the private sector to deliver infrastructure that provides both public safety and quality of life elements for the community.