Development Standards and Guidelines

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Development Standards and Guidelines

Panther Island Form Based
Zoning District
Panther Island Peripheral Zone Design Overlay

Building Height Standards


N-3: Neighborhood Zones
Min. Height : 6 floors
Max. Height : 288 feet


N-2: Neighborhood Zones
Min. Height : 5 floors
Max. Height : 96 feet


N-l: Neighborhood Zones
Min. Height : 5 floors
Max. Height : 72 feet


NM: North Main Zone
Min. Height : 5 floors
Max. Height : 96 feet


UL-3: Urban Lake Zones
Min. Height : 3 floors
Max. Height : 96 feet


UL-2: Urban Lake Zones
Min. Height : 5 floors
Max. Height : 72 feet


UL-1: Urban Lake Zones
Min. Height : 2 floors
Max. Height : 36 feet


TCCD: Tarrant County College District Zone
Min. Height: 5 floors
Max. Height : 72 feet


LF: La Grave Field Zone
Min. Height: 5 floors
Max. Height : 72 feet

The Panther Island Plan embraces the concept of New Urbanism, striving to create a walkable community along the river that hosts a variety of businesses, recreation and residential opportunities. High-density, mixed-use zoning and a form-based code set for the area promote this mindset.

The award-winning Panther Island Development Standards and Guidelines were formulated to promote sustainable development and a vibrant urban waterfront district to the north of Downtown. The guidelines are clear, concise and user-friendly. The development review process is predictable, yet flexible, facilitates timely approval of projects that conform to the 11 general development principles for Panther Island.

Developers can work with TRVA on an individual basis for assistance in yielding designs that conform to the guidelines. Each project is administratively reviewed by the TRVA Review Committee for recommendation to the city for a Certificate of Appropriateness. Our staff provides assistance to developers who are seeking permits through the City of Fort Worth, Tarrant Regional Water District, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

Panther Island Standards and
Guidelines Principles 

  • Promote a pedestrian-oriented urban form
  • Require excellence in the design of the public realm and of buildings that front public spaces
  • Maximize connectivity and access
  • Create a network of distinctive neighborhoods that provide diverse urban housing options
  • Encourage authentic Fort Worth character in new development
  • Encourage creativity exceptional design
  • Encourage adaptive reuse and support the preservation of historically significant buildings
  • Promote sustainable development that enhances Fort Worth’s natural resource
  • Encourage the integration of public art into public and private development
  • Support existing Panther Island businesses
  • Promote development that complements the Downtown core