Transportation Options

Alternative transportation options that will support a live, work, play neighborhood are an integral part of future development in Panther Island. With the addition of a 12-mile boardwalk along the river, parks and a "town lake", it's critical that the public has access to these amenities using multiple transportation options.


Mass Transit

New roads and bridges will accommodate a future mass transit system that will connect Panther Island to downtown, providing a new public transportation option.

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Modern Streetcar

A modern streetcar was introduced to Fort Worth in 2009 as the future of mass transit.

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Modern Roundabouts

Panther Island will feature modern roundabouts instead of traditional intersections at the intersection of White Settlement Street and Henderson Street. Modern roundabouts keep speeds low, have a high capacity for traffic and crashes are few and minor.

Interactive Roundabout Demo


Circulator Road

A "circulator" road around the perimeter of Panther Island will connect each development node and serve residents and visitors traveling in vehicles.

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Canals throughout Panther Island will allow boat traffic to cruise from the Stockyards to the Cultural District.

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Local Streets

The footprints for local streets within Panther Islandhave purposely been narrowed to create an urban street grid which allows walkability, slower vehicular traffic and pedestrian activity. Bike lanes and sidewalks give the pedestrian a means to travel through the entire neighborhood.

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