Trinity River Corridor Development

The Trinity River Vision Riverfront Development Guidelines have been established to encourage property owners along the river to capture the value of their riverfront location. They promote smart planning elements, such as, building orientation to the river corridor, pedestrian corridors and encouraging commuting on the Trinity Trails. 

A brief summary of the design guidelines that apply to developing and redeveloping areas along the river can be found here. The complete TRV Riverfront Development Guidelines document can be downloaded here.

Examples of Successful River Development

Coyote Drive in Coyote Drive-In

Residents of Fort Worth now have a "new" and exciting way to enjoy movies with a modern drive-in movie theatre in Panther Island. A beloved favorite of times past, the drive-in offers its visitors a new twist on an old tradition. Located right off the Trinity Trails, Coyote is equipped with three screens and plays first-run movies in digital format. In addition to the car drive-in, the area can accommodate theater-goes without cars as well, thanks to a pavilion complete with fans and misters.

Coyote Drive-In Website

Coyote Drive-in Theaters Martin House Brewing

Martin House Brewing is located just of the Trinity Trails on the West Fork of the Trinity River right outside of Downtown Fort Worth. Martin House Co-Founder Cody Martin said, "One of the key tenants of our brand is adventures with Friends. We're runners, we're mountain bikers; that's the reason we're right on the trail. One of the top three things we were looking for a in a building was it has to be easily accessible by the trails. This is sort of an underdeveloped part of the river and I think it has ridiculous potential." Take a tour of the brewery every Saturday from 2-5pm.

Martin House Brewing Website

Woodshed Smokehouse Woodshed Smokehouse

Woodshed Smokehouse is the first restaurant in Fort Worth to fully embrace the Trinity River. Located one step off the Trinity Trails this open-air eatery allows its guests to enjoy spectacular view of the river while dining and enjoying live music. Woodshed also serves as a trailhead for trail users who need to stop for a water or restroom break.

Knowing that loose napkins, glass bottles, and paper plates are a river's worst nightmare, Woodshed eliminated their use completely. All dishware and flatware is washable (no disposables). Their napkins are washable cloth rags that are quite efficient and wind resistant. Drinks are served in reusable glassware, beer in aluminum cans and bio-degradable plastic cups for wine and draft beer.

Woodshed Smokehouse Website

clear-fork-food-truck park Clearfork Food Park

Located on the Trinity Trail just off University Drive, Clear Fork Food Park has a waterfront (and dog friendly) park filled with some of DFW's finest food trucks. Just steps from the trail it's a great place for runners, bikers and walkers to stop for a break during their workout.

Clearfork Food Park Website

Acme Brick Headquarters Acme Brick Headquarters

The Acme Brick headquarters is an excellent example of a business who embraced the river greenbelt in their design. Acme Brick's headquarters was completed in 2007 and is located in Southwest Fort Worth. Located on the banks of the Trinity River, the design takes advantage of mature native trees on the site, and the building's placement allows long views down the river. The Trinity Trails run adjacent to the building, which is set back from the trail to mitigate the building's mass and allow for riverfront terrace. More than 200 parking spaces are divided into three small parking areas that are set back and buffered from the river by landscape screening. Existing trees were preserved to create a feeling of "parking within the trees." The entry plaza features extensive brick paving, a fountain and specialized lighting. Numerous sustainable features were incorporated into the design, for instance, rainwater harvesting, bioswale stormwater drainage, and drought-tolerant landscaping.

Acme Brick Website

Edwards Ranch Edwards Ranch Development

With the beautiful Trinity River running through the heart of Fort Worth's well-known Edwards Ranch, its developers actively embraced the setting by planning river-centric communities.

The Riverhills neighborhood features timeless estate homes situated amidst the woods of the Trinity River valley. Some homes are riverfront properties embracing the serene beauty and natural wildlife of the winding river and trail system, while others are situated among native landscaping only a leisurely walk away.

Edwards Ranch Website

TRWD Office Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD)

For years, the Tarrant Regional Water District has embraced the location of its main office along the Trinity River just north of downtown Fort Worth.

The district's campus sits on the east side of the river and provides employees with direct access to the Trinity Trails. Employees are also able to enjoy the river and a spectacular view of downtown via its board room and an outdoor patio located along the west side of the building.

The water district has remained committed to responsible building practices, which are exemplified in the newest addition to the campus- the TRWD Annex Building. This building is LEED certified gold and employs a number of energy saving practices to reduce the structure's impact on the surrounding environment.

TRWD Website