TRV Experience

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It Starts With A Vision

For decades, the Trinity River was treated less as a valuable resource for our community and more like a liability. Because of this, the potential of a lively greenbelt lie dormant for many years. It wasn’t until around 1970 that a group of visionary citizens began working with local governments to make major steps toward enhancing our river corridor. This group, known Streams and Valleys, Inc., is still committed to providing user groups, neighborhoods and outdoor enthusiasts with a river that serves all of their growing needs.

The Potential for More

Having a river that runs through each quadrant of our city provides a very unique opportunity for all of us. Not only can our river serve a recreational function for exercisers and nature lovers, it can actually be an important linkage between the many neighborhoods throughout Fort Worth. Whether a person lives to the north, south, east, west or downtown, the Trinity River provides a common denominator for citizens from all across the city.

Get Up and Get Out - Trinity RiverGet Up. Get Out. Experience Your River 

The Trinity River and Trinity Trails offer a variety of unique ways to get outdoors and experience your river. Learn more about the wonderful opportunities these two amenities add to Fort Worth in the series of Get Up Get Out videos.

Taking the Trinity to the Next Level

The TRV Experience is a 10-year improvement plan to embrace this special opportunity to make the Trinity River the strong backbone for the evolving neighborhoods in Fort Worth. The plan is being carried out by the Tarrant Regional Water District, Streams and Valleys, Inc. and the City of Fort Worth and includes over 90 projects throughout the 88 miles of Trinity River and tributaries in Fort Worth. The plan addresses public desires for enhancements such as improved neighborhood & park linkages, better signage, more recreational amenities and changes in trail design. 

The TRV Experience Plan is available for download.

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