Panther Island / Central City

The most well-known of all Trinity River Vision projects is the plan to create an urban waterfront community to the north of downtown Fort Worth. This plan is known by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) simply as "Central City", but to most of the public it is called "Panther Island". While having two names can seem confusing, it's really quite fitting for a plan with two major components:

The publicly funded portion of the plan, the Central City project is limited to environmental cleanup, flood protection and infrastructure improvements, such as new bridges and new or improved roads and trails. 

Once flood concerns, outdated infrastructure and environmental issues are addressed, Panther Island will open up the development of 800 acres connecting Downtown, the Cultural District and the Stockyards. Public improvements will virtually double the size of downtown and generate more than $600 million in economic development activity during the first decade alone. 


Development Inspired by Panther Island

Panther Island is the largest mixed-use development in Fort Worth, creating a model “live, work, play” environment. Smarter zoning will encourage sustainable central city growth that includes three million square feet of commercial space and 10,000 mixed-income households.

Boating & Water Activities

Water taxis, riverboat dining, gondolas, kayaks and other boats will be able to transport people from the future Stockyards Marina, through downtown and into Trinity Park.

River Walk & Canals

Over twelve miles of flowing canals and continuous public walkways will be the heart and soul of Panther Island.

Riverfront Dining & Entertainment

Bustling riverside corridors lined with cafes, restaurants and vibrant nightlife will create a unique, urban atmosphere unlike anywhere else in the world.

Town Lake & Boardwalk

A 33-acre lake will be a focal point for Panther Island. A large public boardwalk will surround the lake, making it the perfect gathering place for community-wide events.


Higher Learning on the River

In 2009, Tarrant County College opened the doors to its state-of-the-art Trinity River Campus to students. The campus sits along the banks of the Trinity overlooking Panther Island.