Project Goals

The Trinity River Vision project not only provides needed flood protection for Fort Worth but it also accomplishes several other important goals: urban revitalization, ecosystem restoration, recreation and sustainability.

Flood Control

The Trinity River Vision project is setting a new standard in flood control. The need for updated flood protection in the city's near north side, along with the community's desire for an urban waterfront, have led the project partners to develop an infrastructure that not only makes our city safer, but also provides a unique opportunity for river recreation and development. The infrastructure included in the Central City plan will eliminate the need for our current levee system – which allows people access right up to the waterfront edge.

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Urban Revitalization

Infrastructure needed for flood control will restore an aging industrial area once devoted to oil refining, scrap metal yards and electrical and chemical plants. When the bypass channel is completed, around 800 acres of underutilized land between the Tarrant County Courthouse and Northside Dr. will be accessible for private mixed-use development opportunities – in essence doubling the size of downtown. An envisioned 10,000 housing units and three million square feet of commercial, retail and educational space will make it possible for Fort Worth residents to live, work, play and learn near the river.

Ecosystem Restoration

While previous channelization and levee construction has provided a measure of flood protection to Fort Worth's central city, it left much of the Trinity River a broad, straight trapezoidal vessel with little environmental character. For the last few decades, groups like Streams and Valleys, Inc. and the Tarrant Regional Water District have taken major steps toward enhancing the river’s ecosystem. This effort continues with the Trinity River Vision project.


The Panther Island plan will provide approximately 10 additional miles of pedestrian trails in the project area. These new trails will provide connectivity to existing trails and create linkages with neighborhoods and cultural amenities. Picnic areas, park benches and landscaping will be used along the trails to create a place for the public to connect to the river and the environment. The area will also be designed to accommodate a variety of boating activities. Anticipated water sports include canoeing and kayaking. Low-clearance public excursion boats and small passenger ferryboats are also expected. Open spaces will generate additional recreation and could include features such as soccer fields or nature centers. The western edge of the bypass channel is envisioned as a linear park using trees and grasses to enhance the open space. Panther Island will have recreation opportunities for people of all interests. With high density retail, restaurant and residential space, there will be enough shopping, food, nightlife to keep a person busy for a lifetime!

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The Fort Worth Trinity River Vision project is a model for sustainability in North Texas. Through creative design and implementation, new public infrastructure will be built to serve generations, providing both public safety and quality of life elements for the entire region. Smart sustainability practices will be integrated into the design and construction of new park facilities, flood gates, lakes, dams, roads, bridges, storm water management facilities, public plazas and other infrastructure elements planned in the project. The project will apply smart sustainability practices by designing for density, enhancing environmental quality, providing transportation options, promoting good health, sustainable construction methods and building green.

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