Extended Trail System


The Trinity Uptown plan will provide approximately 10 additional miles of pedestrian trails in the project area. These new trails will provide connectivity to existing trails and create lin(formerly Trinity Uptown)kages with neighborhoods and cultural amenities. The addition of new trails is concentrated largely along the east and west sides of the bypass channel and adjacent to the urban lake feature. The east side of the proposed bypass channel is envisioned as a "hard" edge with upper- and lower-level pedestrian walkways. These walkways will be hard surfaced and used for a variety of activities including walking, jogging, bicycling, and roller-blading. The west or "soft" edge of the bypass channel will be designed as a park-like natural setting with trails along a greenbelt. Picnic areas, park benches and landscaping will be used along the trails to create a place for the public to connect to the river and the environment. Trails are also planned in this section of greenbelt for horseback riding, and pedestrian bridges are proposed to provide easy access to the trail system.



The area will also be designed to accommodate a variety of boating activities. Anticipated water sports include canoeing and kayaking. Low-clearance public excursion boats and small passenger ferryboats are also expected. The construction of a dam located downstream of Samuels Avenue will provide a controlled water surface elevation with minimal water fluctuation. This allows the bypass channel, urban lake and existing interior river channel to become a 3.5-mile boating loop. The dam would also make it possible to take a boat from downtown Fort Worth to the Stockyards via the West Fork and Marine Creek.

Open Space


Open spaces are being incorporated in the design of the project for other purposes, too. These spaces will generate additional recreation and could include features such as soccer fields or nature centers. The western edge of the bypass channel is envisioned as a linear park using trees and grasses to enhance the open space. Other proposed open space would typically be associated with valley storage mitigation and ecosystem improvement areas and may be located upstream or downstream of the immediate project area.

Laid Back Entertainment


Panther Island will have recreation opportunities for people of all interests. With high density retail, restaurant and residential space, there will be enough shopping, food, nightlife to keep a person busy for a lifetime!