The Vision Embraces Modern Roundabouts

Through creative design, implementation and new public infrastructure, Panther Island will be built to serve generations, providing both public safety and quality of life elements for the entire region. In order to achieve these project principles, the TRV design team put their heads together to design the best infrastructure for the area. Through extensive research they found that modern roundabouts, instead of traditional intersections, fit better in an urban context, are pedestrian friendly and cost effective. 

So what exactly is a modern roundabout you ask? A modern roundabout is a compact circular intersection in which traffic flows counter-clockwise around a center island. Modern roundabouts are not the same as traffic circles (such as Bluebonnet Circle). Traffic circles have high-speed entries, weaving in the circle, low capacity and many high-speed crashes. In contrast, modern roundabouts require motorists to yield on entry, eliminate weaving, keep speeds low, have a high capacity and crashes are few and minor.