Trail Reroute Keeps Runners in Motion

by User Not Found | May 25, 2010
Trail detour signage

We know. Swimsuit season is right around the corner and you are running your rear end off (literally) to get ready for it. That's why we don't want Trinity River Vision construction to hold you back from reaching your goals.

Because construction is really ramping up on the south side of the Trinity River between Northside Dr. and Samuels Ave., we are going to have to shut down the normal trail and guide you along a new one temporarily. To help you along this new route, we've posted quite a few signs to steer you around construction area.

Look out for this reroute that will be open by the end of the week and is estimated to continue through the summer.

Haven't heard what this construction is for? Oh, you're gonna be so excited! Read this news.